Shining Their Light: Malou Del Castillo and The Career Road Map

Malou Del Castillo is the author of The Career Road Map  a workbook that was developed for anyone who might feel like they need help finding their way through their career. The 140-page book is packed with wisdom that even people comfortable in their jobs or careers might find interesting. I wanted Malou to talk about herself and her latest baby a little more, so I sat down with her to further discuss.

Shining Their Light: Nick Daez on his healing journey

Nick Daez is a director for television shows and commercials. He owns a video production company called Seabiscuit Films which specializes in food, travel, and lifestyle bespoke films. Having known him for a little more than a decade, I have gotten glimpses into his journey as he grew mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I wanted to discuss this journey with him little further,  here’s where our conversation took us…