How to Navigate Holiday Anxiety

While we often associate the holiday season with happy memories, it can also be a tough emotional time. The holidays often present a dizzying array of decisions and demands and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed by it all.

Break Your Stigma Launch & Lessons

“You are reacting normally to extraordinary times.”

This was the opening line of Dr. Honey Carandang as we talked about the need to break our stigmas during our launch on October 21. Around 30 members of the press attended and our partners Angie Goyena, president of iFace Inc., licensed psychologist Gisa Paredes, Dr. Honey Carandang of MLAC, and our team at Where To Next all engaged in an insightful and meaningful panel discussion.

3 Ways to Get In Touch With Yourself in the Pandemic

To get in touch with ourselves in this pandemic, we need to be able to meet ourselves where we are and think like scientists – gather our hypotheses, test our actions, iterate our plans. We will only ever known when something is truly right when we try and execute. Living in our heads will not launch us into action. It takes a certain kind of willingness to be truthful, compassionate, and open with ourselves to re-imagine and re-align.

3 Ways We Can Respond to Someone Who is Struggling

In the last two months I have been asked to speak at several events on various mental health topics. From identifying the presence of a disorder to supporting the supporter. I realized that whether we were the ones struggling or if we were faced with someone who was in fact struggling, the forums always ended with this one question: “what do we say to someone who is struggling with their mental health?”